A new kind of job for Jost Group!

Takeover of targeted parcel distribution of NADIN !

Jost Group engages into the targeted distribution of parcels to/from Luxembourg and the South of Belgium. That way the Group offers a new opportunity of express transport to its clients.

By taking over the business activities of Nadin, the aim is also to expand the express and conventional transport possibilities for the clients of Nadin and this, to/from all destinations and for all business activities Jost Group already offers all over Europe and the Maghreb region.

This winning and integrated combination is built on the well-established networks of the Group and the know-how of both teams.

Hence, the 20 people and 12 vehicles of Nadin joined the 2400 people and 1300 motor vehicles of JostGroup on March 1st, 2017.

The cross-docking activities, where shipments, coming from the European countries, going to Luxembourg and vice versa, are processed, will be added to the activities taking place in the existing 300.000m² of warehouses of JostGroup. This surface will be enlarged by 180.000m² in the near future, as part of the multimodal project of the Trilogiport in the region of Liège (Belgium).

The company Nadin offers a full distribution and transport service of goods, currently for logistic partners, the food industry and the automotive industry. Nadin offers 24h/24 parcel delivery via an online platform which allows its clients to track their daily parcels on a map at every state of the delivery. As a consequence, JostGroup’s clients will also be able to track their parcels, in this sector, from now on.

The 24h or 48h express service from and to Luxembourg, reaching from small parcels to full trucks, that is what our new takeover offers to everyone.

The two businesses were brought together by the company Intraco.

JostGroup continues to grow in smart, interconnected and integrated logistics!

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