Jost Group announces the appointment of Eric Demonty as Managing Director

To ensure calm and continuity in its services

Jost Group announces the appointment of Eric Demonty as Managing Director of the company. Eric Demonty, currently Commercial Director of the group, takes up the post on 15 May 2017 for an indefinite period.


Eric Demonty has been working at Jost Group for nearly 20 years and has extensive experience with the group. His managerial skills and specific experience in the transport industry are known and acknowledged. The shareholders have given Eric Demonty full powers and assured him of their full trust.


This appointment comes in response to Roland Jost's wish to ensure calm and continuity in Jost Group's business, which is currently his primary concern. The accusations against the company and some members of the management team may quite legitimately have raised questions among the group’s staff and its customers and various partners. Eric Demonty’s mission is to reassure them by ensuring that the group’s activities are properly managed, in cooperation with all the staff. The company has also called on highly specialised professionals to advise it and provide backup in the support services. Together, they will continue to provide a quality service, honouring all the company’s commitments and developing new markets.


Roland Jost will resume his managerial duties as and when the ongoing investigation allows. He has also stated that he will continue to cooperate fully with the investigators and is confident in the outcome of the investigation. Indeed, Jost Group is making every effort to comply with all the complex regulations, in particular with regard to the secondment of personnel, which has been acknowledged on a number of occasions.


"Jost Group has enjoyed very strong growth for several years," said Eric Demonty, Managing Director of Jost Group. This growth is ensured by our quality staff. We have become a major player in our economic landscape and respected in the transport industry. I will be committed to ensuring that Jost Group can continue to provide a quality service. The staff, customers and partners of Jost Group deserve that.” And, he continued: "I will not comment on the current investigation, but I and many others hope that the accused are quickly cleared of all suspicion."


INFORMATION FOR EDITORS: Mr Demonty will not be giving interviews in the coming days, as he wishes to devote himself to the priority tasks entrusted to him.

Press contact - Véronique Hustin, Head of Communications, Jost Group - 0470/92.17.01.

  • Jost Group announces the appointment of Eric Demonty as Managing Director