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No assimilation !

Contrary to what has been stated in some media on Wednesday afternoon, Jost Group confirms that two members of its top management, who have been heard today in the framework of an enquiry about an incident that took place on November 13th, 2017 on its site in Ghlin, nearby Mons, were not put in detention and are at home now. They could return to their daily occupations at the beginning of the afternoon and are free.

Incident in Ghlin – a truck driver was slightly injured in November

Unfortunately, a truck driver was recently wounded by the explosion of a small gas bottle in the cabin of his truck. The driver was using this equipment for personal reasons, more precisely to make some coffee. The driver was immediately brought to a nearby hospital. Luckily, he has fully recovered from his injuries and he won’t have any consequences from this incident. He’s at home for the moment enjoying his holidays.


The entire organization was deeply affected by what happened. Jost Group took additional measures to raise the awareness of our drivers concerning the risks of this type of equipment. Our objective is to avoid this kind of incident to happen again. The well-being of our employees has always been a priority for Jost Group and we do our utmost to implement an ambitious health and safety policy.


The Labor Inspectorate announced at that time that it would start an enquiry about the circumstances of the incident. The members of our top management have provided their full collaboration for this enquiry and hope that it will make it possible to clarify what happened exactly.


Jost Group surprised by how the audition was held and astounded by the communication of the federal public prosecutor’s office

Jost Group is surprised that the people that were auditioned haven’t been invited in advance contrary to what is usually the case. But Jost Group is above all astounded to read the communication of the Public prosecutor's office. The exact context of the audition is not given at all, which leaves room for a totally wrong and inappropriate interpretation of the situation which could lead to false assimilations with previous events. These events also continue to be refuted strongly.


The two members of our top management receive support from their lawyers and don’t want to further comment the ongoing investigation for the moment.

  • Our CEO is well