Jost Group settles down at the Trilogiport of Liège

As a logical consequence of its environmental and expansion policy, the installation of JostGroup at the Trilogiport was expected for several weeks.

The advantages offered by the Trilogiport site have been of high interest for Jost Group since the beginning of the project.

Preparatory work with the different actors has been carried out as far as the surfaces and equipment are concerned, in order to determine the best positioning to be adopted by the European Group, which is a major player in terms of logistics.

The trimodality - even quadrimodality, given the immediate proximity of the Airport of Liège - were the driving elements of the approach initiated by Roland Jost.

The Group's current strong presence in the Liège region allows for a great deal of flexibility in terms of team assignments and workflows. This multi-modal logistics center will also enable Jost Group to increase its efficiency and expand the range of services available to its existing and future customers.

These additional 300,000m² of land and the construction of logistical halls will increase the current operating surface area in the province from 150,000m² to 330,000m². The first phase, in September 2017, will see 37,000m² constructed at Trilogiport. By 2021, the area on this site will be 180,000m².
The total surface area of the warehouses held by the Group in Belgium will then be around 500,000m².

Jost Group currently employs 2,300 people and, following this acquisition, is considering an increase in direct connection with the activities that will be developed there.

A positive news for the region that will give a touch of green-blue-yellow colors to the grey-mood ! No doubt to have, the kangaroo continues to advance!

  • Jost Group settles down at the Trilogiport of Liège