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JOST had to face a reputational crisis which impacted both its image and that of its managers. In times like these, no organisation, no matter its size or sector, is safe from a crisis


JOST has taken this matter very seriously and managed to transform this crisis into an opportunity.


JOST is a solid group focused on operational excellence and cares not only for its customers, but also for its staff and partners.

We know

An unjustified and unfair attack not only impacted a growing company, but also the whole transportation industry.

The kind of attack which JOST experienced is almost inevitable among constantly growing companies in turbulent markets. There are countless examples. “The more a company grows and becomes a market leader, the more exposed it is”. JOST is a major player employing more than 3,000 people, half of them in the Benelux, with a fleet of 1,700 vehicles, with LNG vehicles making up 1/3 of the fleet. The size the company has reached today makes it an example in the transportation world! JOST’s significant exposure not only affected its image, but also invoked confusion. In addition to the temporary management absence from the business in 2017 and the immobilization of vehicles, numerous other consequences both internally and externally could have severely impacted Jost and its partners.


JOST knows that a company is a living organism and is constantly changing. JOST cares about its collaborators, customers, suppliers and stakeholders involved in the transportation industry.

Fortunately, JOST could count on his collaborators' and customers’ loyalty to cope with this situation and could refine all of its processes to further anchor the necessary operational excellence in a highly competitive industry. With this in mind, JOST has strengthened all the technical, organizational, human and social drivers and redesigned all its communication accordingly.


JOST’s new motto “Life in motion” clearly reflects how adaptive and organic its constant evolution is.

Our vision is to be a role model in integrated European logistics and to contribute to the sustainable development of the transportation sector by offering quality services based on flexible and personalized solutions, while continuing our growth and harnessing our strengths, which are necessary to our development and to the development of our partners.

Our Values


  • By providing value to our customers based on the co-creation of adaptive, reliable and professional solutions
  • By offering professional teams as well as a large and diversified fleet


  • By passionately deploying flexible technical solutions and incorporating environmental considerations into our policies and strategies, such as the huge investments in LNG-vehicles


  • By meeting our commitments
  • By rewarding the work of our teams and partners
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