Environmental Concept


EURO5, EEV & EURO 6 motor vehicles, reduction of energy and fuel consumption, permanent monitoring, green driving, use of ad-blue, systematic collection and recycling of wastes, environmentally-friendly warehouses & workshops with extensive use of natural light.

Finding the shortest paths and those requiring the lowest quantity of fuel for transport of goods from and to our customers, grouping goods in order to optimize the vehicles used on various routes.

In this context, Jost Group is in process to obtain the certification ISO 14.001 and has already received the label Lean & Green since avril 2014.

Our environment is our common treasure, let’s take care of it!

In November 2010 the JostGroup signed a Charter of Commitment to reduce its carbon footprint which was presented to the UN Summit on Climate Change in Cancun.

  • Ecological protection of our own diesel-tanking stations
  • Use of biodegradable soap and rain water for washing vehicles
  • Energy savings:
    • Using natural light from walls and roof
    • Electric lighting only in working areas during operations, when daylight is not available
    • Use of photovoltaic panels
    • Minimum and adapted heating in warehouses
    • Periodic energy audits + actions
    • Regular analysis of electricity, fuel oil, gas and water bills to detect abnormal over-consumption + actions
  • Non-polluting forklift trucks in warehouses
  • Carpooling for our employees
  • Environmental training and new “green habits” for all employees of the Jost Group
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Environmental Concept - Jost GroupEnvironmental Concept - Jost GroupEnvironmental Concept - Jost GroupEnvironmental Concept - Jost GroupEnvironmental Concept - Jost GroupEnvironmental Concept - Jost Group

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