Social Responsibility

Our social approach

The Jost Group employs more than 3.200 people, representing sustenance to more than 3000 families.

I. Sustainability

The first responsibility of all in-house contributors is to guarantee the company’s sustainability and continuity.

II. Solidarity

The second is to offer help to every worker at difficult times in their lives. A Solidarity Committee has been created to work hand in hand with social welfare organizations to generate funds to sustain staff members and their families when they need it.

III. Charity


The third responsibility is broader, targeting the education of 6 to 12 year-old children by giving them tools to provide healthy responses to violent acts or situations in their lives.

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Social Responsibility - Jost GroupSocial Responsibility - Jost GroupSocial Responsibility - Jost GroupSocial Responsibility - Jost Group

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