Jost Group has confidence in the judicial system that has suspended the abusive and illegal seizure of trucks ordered by the Federal Prosecutor's Office

Jost Group is confident for the Future

Weiswampach, 19 February 2019,


Jost Group confirms that the Court of First Instance of Liège has rejected the request by the Federal Prosecutor's Office to illegally seize more than 300 trucks. This decision dates back to 27 January and the Federal Prosecutor's Office intends to contest the judgement.

Jost Group is shocked by the fact that the Federal Prosecutor continues to communicate false information to the press in a blatant (but pointless) attempt to destabilize the Jost Group, despite denying us access to the judicial file. This move not only goes against the presumption of innocence, but has also caused deep repercussions for our customers and employees. Nevertheless, Jost Group continues to rely on the judgement that will be rendered in this case, with respect to the presumption of innocence.

For these reasons, and in order to protect the interests of the company, its hundreds of workers and its customers, Jost Group has filed a formal request with the court to confirm the decision taken on 27 January to prohibit the seizure of more than 300 trucks.

Jost Group has been vigorous in contesting the charges against them and will continue to do so. The Group has always indicated its willingness to cooperate with the authorities and sincerely hopes to be able to defend itself in a peaceful environment-.


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