Press release on household waste deposited at two natural sites in the Communauté d'agglomération de Longwy (CAL).

Jost Group denounces: household waste dumped on two natural sites in the Urban Community

In mid-October 2019, Jost Group responded to the request of a new client, Mondial Services, whose head office is located in Brussels, Belgium and is active in the recovery, valorization, treatment and recycling of all types of industrial and/or toxic waste. This company wanted to transport construction waste (bricks and other construction material), special transportation for which Jost Group has a permit to carry out. This transportation was to be carried out from Gewule (near Lille, on the Belgian border side) to Brecht, in the Antwerp region.

It appears that, on several occasions, the final unloading destinations had been modified by Mondial Services, first by reversing the place of loading and destination (Brecht - Gewule) and ultimately redirecting the loads to Thionville, then Saulnes or Redange in France.

In addition, as is common practice in the case of transportation outside urban areas, Jost Group drivers had to contact a person on arrival who would guide them through the unloading process. Jost Group had no reason to be suspicious.

What brought to Jost Group's attention was, first, the unusual speed imposed on the drivers by the on-site coordinator and, second, the fact that one of our drivers reported that one of the loads was not construction waste, but rubbish. Each driver concerned prepared an official written statement detailing the facts and forwarded it to the police.

The police manage to corroborate the information which we provided. On November 4th, one of our drivers, in collaboration and with the discreet presence of the police, made a trip in order to trap the suspects, allowing the police to arrest the unloader on the spot, called the "customs officer" in the article published in the newspaper Republican Lorrain.

According to the police, other transportation companies other than the Jost Group were also involved and are victims in this case. It is therefore the responsibility of the police to investigate this case thoroughly. As a carrier, Jost Group was at no time aware of the fraudulent intentions of the client.

Jost Group is particularly concerned about the environment and has a real strategy towards greener transportation. It does not support these actions and apologises to the communities and municipalities affected by these spills, which have inevitably damaged the various natural areas.

Jost Group contacted the municipality and CAL directly to explain the facts in detail.

Jost Group's legal department has been alerted and will take the necessary actions against the company in question.

Véronique Hustin

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  • Press release on household waste deposited at two natural sites in the Communauté d'agglomération de Longwy (CAL).