Jost Group übernimmt die Aktivitäten von Herfurth Chaineux

Jost Group’s Spezialisierung auf Feinlogistik wächst.

In line with its growing focus added-value Logistics, Jost Group has just acquired the business assets of the Herfurth company in Chaineux, in the Province of Liège.


As of July 1st, Herfurth’s customers will therefore be able to take advantage of Jost Group's solid asset base, while continuing to benefit from high-level operational expertise through the integrated partnership with current teams.


They will also directly benefit from Jost Group's new tools and facilities, including the services offered in the ultra-modern and connected multi-modal warehouses at the Trilogiport, covering an area of 44,000 m². The growth of this site continues with the second phase of construction, which will ultimately lead to an additional 60,000m² (a total of 180,000m² will be built).


The staff and fleet of Herfurth will join the big family of the Kangaroo and will very quickly be integrated with the existing teams within the Group.

Like the Jost Group, Herfurth Logistics offers a wide range of solutions for the logistical processing and distribution of goods, including:


  • Racked warehouses
  • Integrated Customs Service
  • Cross-docking
  • In addition to traditional transhipment operations or more advanced picking operations, value-added logistics services such as packing, neutralization, inventory management, sorting, sequencing, order management, kitting or small assembly, labelling and customized value-added services are also available
  • Distribution of all types of cargo
  • Support at any location in Benelux
  • Delivery to all destinations
  • Just-in-time delivery


A customs service supported by in-house specialists in all aspects of customs, VAT, excise is responsible for the import and export authorization procedures, including fiscal representation for Herfurth and Jost Group customers, offering the AEO customs and security label.

There is no doubt that this new acquisition and consolidation, enriched with operational intelligence and cutting-edge resources, will enable Jost Group to continue its development in an integrated and sophisticated manner simultaneously!

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  • Jost Group übernimmt die Aktivitäten von Herfurth Chaineux