Transport and logistics, a male sector?

At Jost Group, we do count 38% of female employees and are increasing this proportion every year!

[38% is the percentage of the number of female employees at Jost Group. That's a rather reassuring figure, given that the transportation and logistics sector is very male-dominated?] 

Logistics is a very interesting and infinitely exciting sector. To work in logistics, a candidate must have a broad vision in order to understand all the ins and outs of the flows and be able to optimise them, and at the same time be very precise because every detail counts. It requires critical organisational skills and a rigorous approach. And then, logistics, beyond decision support systems, information capture and processing and the essential tools to manage the thousands of pieces of information to be taken into consideration in a fluid and secure manner, is human. Exclusive and privileged contact with customers. The relationship with each driver and the optimisation of his capacities and skills. It is also an efficiency that is achieved through collaboration between all departments and business units. Without a good collaboration that is both structured and creative, process-oriented yet adaptive and agile, a logistics group would not be able to provide its customers with operational efficiency.

Transportation and logistics are no longer a world as it was 10 to 15 years ago when "muscle, testosterone and autocratic management" was the "image that comes to mind". 

Logistics companies need a wide range of skills and abilities that are not gender-specific: conceptual and pragmatic intelligence, mental flexibility, creativity, diplomacy, rigour, tenacity, clear-sightedness and excellent stress management.

They also need staff who possess values without which no company can function, such as transparency, honesty, loyalty to their managers, colleagues, clients and all the stakeholders in society, because we live in a globalised world, where, as we have seen with the Covid-19 crisis, we are all connected.

Finally, the knowledge required to evolve in the logistics sector is not only human, as we have just seen, but also technical, technological, methodological and managerial, of course.

Jost Group is an innovative group in many ways. In terms of human resources too, whether in terms of gender, nationalities (we have more than 65 nationalities in the Group), cultures (we are present in 10 countries), we have not waited for years to integrate all these parameters and make them definite assets for our development.

[What is the status of the positions these women hold? Are they identical to men in terms of responsibilities?]

Women occupy all types of positions at Jost Group, drivers, office as well as warehouse employees, auditors, advisors, supervisors, managers.

Our General Manager and CEO are both men.

[If there are any, what are the real difficulties that women face in this sector?]

In the daily life of our Group, being a woman does not influence the work or the dynamics between colleagues. We are all working towards the same goal, that of the company's sustainability and we form an institution, a living organism in perpetual evolution, transformation and adaptation to the economic, political, legal, social and technological environment.

Isn't our slogan "Life in motion"? Each one of us has one or more role(s) to play to ensure that our group's health. We fulfil them with our own unique skills and characteristics.

Difficulties sometimes arise, of course, but our philosophy is to deal with them immediately and use the opportunity to improve.

Personally, I have been working for the Group for more than 20 years now, I love challenges and this company gives me opportunities to develop and surpass myself all the time. It is a wonderful environment for anyone who wants to have an interesting professional life, with a variety of points of interest and action. This is priceless, when you can do it with confidence and with the right support.

[Unfortunately, we know that for some companies, gender plays a predominant role in commitment. This is to the detriment of the quality of the worker. Jost Group's philosophy is quite different in order to achieve this percentage?] 

Yes, absolutely, at Jost Group we put the emphasis on competence, dynamism and a responsible attitude, the willingness and ability to learn and the meeting of the values of our company.

[Can this proportion also be seen among drivers?]

Not yet, far from it, because the profession of driver has attracted, until recently, proportionately more men than women.

The technical nature of today's vehicles, as well as the skills required to be an excellent driver, mean that women now leave on recruitment with the same advantages as men. It is no longer necessary to have characteristics that only men have, such as physical strength, to do the job.

A boulevard is open for you, ladies! 

You can really make the difference, in this sector where customers expect deadlines to be met, care taken with their goods, accurate documentary and computerised reporting, real contact and professionalism in communication and that little touch of diplomacy that makes everything always go smoothly!

Actions are carried out in this sense, in all our recruitments, in order to encourage more women to join our company.

[One of Jost Group's objectives would be to achieve equality?]

In quantity, most certainly! In quality, we are already there!

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  • Transport and logistics, a male sector?