SECURITY : Small personal gas bottles can become real bombs !

News of our driver !

Last 13 November 2017 one of our drivers was injured. A leak in the gas bottle, which was in his cabin, caused an explosion and injured our driver. He was immediately brought over to the nearest hospital.

We wanted to give him some news : he is very well and he is preparing Christmas with his family.

We hope that this accident will sensitize all the drivers of all companies, as what happenes to somebody today, could happen to somebody else tomorrow …

Our advice :

  • Keep this gas bottles outside the cabin, as this is an enclosed space and in case of a leaking bottle, the gas stagnates inside and the slightest spark will set of an explosion.
  • + store the bottle vertically on a stable support
  • Only use the bottle outside, at a reasonable distance from the vehicle, as it could always fall over.
  • At the slightest smell or leakage noise, … switch of the gas supply! Place the bottle in a way, you will always have access to the tap.   
  • Change your personal gas bottles regularly, so that you always have material in excellent state + verify the seal, the connections and the fixed pipes.


We know that all drivers want to use the gas bottles. However, please take all the necessary safety precautions.

Too often in the past (once already is too often) they have caused accident. This is also the case for campers. Think about your family.

Gas is an implacable enemy, be careful. Your life is precious !!

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  • SECURITY : Small personal gas bottles can become real bombs !