JostGroup receives the Lean & Green Award !

Reducing our CO2 emissions by 20% in 5 years ...


The Lean and Green program aims to encourage companies to move to a higher level of sustainable development by taking measures which allow not only cost savings, but at the same time reduce their burden on the environment. Efforts to reduce carbon emissions from transport and logistics activities are well targeted. JostGroup demonstrated through its detailed costs-targeted action plan, its ability to reduce its CO2 emissions by 20% in 5 years, and won the Lean and Green label. At the end of the 5 year period, meaning for us the end of 2016 (our reference year is 2011), if the objective of the action plan is actually achieved, we’ll  receive our first star Lean and Green.


The Lean and Green concept extends gradually in Europe. This is the case in the Netherlands, Italy and Belgium, Flanders and Wallonia which work together to support the candidate companies. Many companies having their operations abroad, it is logical for the efforts to be internationalized ! The leading platoons are then becoming the ambassadors of the Lean and Green Community that is rapidly growing. This is the case of JostGroup who wants an always greener business !

In parallel to this program, JostGroup is engaged in a process of preparation of an ISO 14001 certification and is establishing its complete carbon footprint. The environment is our common treasure, let’s take care of it !

 Logistics in Wallonia gives us a hand in the implementation of this program!

 Our customers are giving their testimony :

"Our client leader in the chemical sector has been, among other things, very impressed by the approach of JostGroup regarding the numerous initiatives taken by your company and that I allowed myself to share with them in regard of the project "Lean & Green ". I also think you are a benchmark on this aspect and a reference for 3B. Feel free to share this comment. 3B is a demanding client but we can recognize the value of our partners. François Leroy, Worldwide Supply Chain Manager 3B Binani Group

And previously ...

JostGroup signed on November 10, 2010 a commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, which was presented to the UN Summit on Climate Change in Cancun November 29, 2010 Charter 2860.php.

By this Charter, we commit to:

• Placing climate change at the heart of our industrial strategies

• Contribute to the development of knowledge about climate change and its social, economic and environmental implications

• Contribute to the overall objectives of reducing emissions of greenhouse gases by pursuing goals of reducing the overall impact of our activities on Climate Change

• To be a channel of communication on technological advances and dissemination of best practices in energy efficiency and limiting greenhouse gas emissions

• Work towards finding an optimal balance between the effort required on climate change and the principles of sustainable development in its three components, environmental, social and economic

• To be a leading player in changing our behavior

• Encourage the accession of other entrepreneurs by showing them that all this is a positive approach to long-term sustainable development.

We want to be actively involved in a sustainable development partner.

We thank the Kiwanis Verviers and Spa, initiators of this commitment

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  • JostGroup receives the Lean & Green Award !
  • JostGroup receives the Lean & Green Award !
  • JostGroup receives the Lean & Green Award !
  • JostGroup receives the Lean & Green Award !
  • JostGroup receives the Lean & Green Award !