JostGroup wins the Green Truck Award 2015 !

Acknowledged as the GREEN CARRIER of the year by its peers !

The vocation of the Green Truck Award is to bring out initiatives aimed to a better respect of the environment, another aspect of the heavy evolution experienced in the transportation sector.

The objective is to crown the company that has the best integrated the environmental dimension in the management of its fleet and in its company philosophy in general.


On 12th February 2015, JostGroup received this award, crowning the efforts already made and in process in order to reduce its global environmental impact!

Our main actions:

-       Investment into 250 vehicles dual-fuel: fuel and gas (50%-50%)

-       First wave of training for eco-driving for our 1300 drivers: already achieved AND a second wave begins in March 2015.

-       Speed limit for a part of our vehicles reduced to 85km/h instead of 90km/h.

-       Deliveries during the night and outwards the rush hours: PIEK Project.

-       Permanent check of the tyres pressure.

-       Change in the type of tyres, more ecological.

-       Decrease of the number of km when the truck is empty by using the geo-fencing

But also:

- Replacement of the motor vehicles every 3 or 4 years (last technology in terms 5/EEV : 80%, EURO 6 : 20%) => also reducing the fine particles emissions, very dangerous for the health.

- New buildings and renovation of existing buildings to make the « greener »for a reduced consumption of electricity, gas and oil.

- More modern and better dimensioned boilers

  • More ecological type of lighting
  • Lighting in the work areas only if there is activity.
  • Reducing the lighting times outdoor to limit the periods of activity.
  • Installation of solar panels.
  • Insulation.
  • Doors and gates protected against entries of cold air in the winter.
  • Roof with natural light shaft

 -       Reducing the inbound flows: work on the deliveries / collections suppliers

-       Reduction in the consumption of electricity, gaz and fuel for out machines – tools.

-       Installation of a technical control of all our vehicles in our premises.

-       Grouping of the maintenance centers.


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  • JostGroup wins the Green Truck Award 2015 !
  • Green Truck Award - JostGroup wins the Green Truck Award 2015 !
  • JostGroup wins the Green Truck Award 2015 !