Newcomers trainees will join Jost Group to be trained for the driver’s job!

Our new colleagues come from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia, Chechnya, Guinea Conakry and Sudan.

Eleven of them will start practical training, which prepares them for the driver’s job. Some of them will probably reach this final objective, the other ones will likely be employed in other areas linked to transportation. 

This training course is initiated by the Forem, carried out at the IFAPME of Liège for the theoretical portion of the training and on our site at Hauts Sarts (Herstal) for the practical portion. The training course is being held in the context of the shortage of heavy-vehicle drivers and other jobs linked to logistics. This shortage is motivating companies, such as Jost Group, to work together on this training course – for the second time.  

Inside the company we get to know that the trainees are doing a great job: "there are people who accompany them the whole day. They are really doing a great job, like any other worker in the workshop”, notes the Jean-Marc Reinarts, bodywork advisor.

The aim of the training course is to become a driver. However, this is not always easy for the newcomers trainees, explains Jacques Rogister, training advisor at IFAPME: " The process is very difficult, because most of them have to re-obtain their driving licenses in Belgium".

For this group of trainees, the language barrier is a biggest obstacle. During an exam in French, you have 15 seconds per question to answer, even though they may require 30 seconds just to understand the question.

In addition to the language barrier, there are the costs: At least 2000 euros to obtain the driving license. But here too, some companies help: “The company can pay for the driving license and implement an installment repayment plan. This has already been implemented in the past ", describes Véronique Hustin, communication and Training manager of Jost Group.

The current trainees who prove that they are very motivated and competent during their internship will be hired by the company and the trainees are made aware of that.

Welcome to Khizir, Yasin, Bouchra, Omar, Mohammad, Fadi, Yousef, Luves, Ismaël, Abdoulaye AndIbragim!


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  • Primo-arrivants - Newcomers trainees will join Jost Group to be trained for the driver’s job!