Jobs Day 9 Septembre 2017 : Jost Group hires in a creative way !

A complete success !

Economic activity continues to grow everywhere in Europe and the transport and logistics sector is one of the most liable barometers to measure that. At the same time, there has been a lack of lorry drivers for many years and it becomes increasingly difficult for a transport company to find candidates to fill their vacancies.

Our goal: 100 new jobs!

In order to compensate for the lack of local workers, Jost Group organized a Jobs Day on its site of Bierset, last Saturday, 9th September. The potential candidates could get more information about the job and the possibilities Jost Group could offer them. They were asked to take some practical tests and taught the key importance of the professional driver in the process of a comprehensive service that is perfect for the customer.

The results: More than 50 drivers passed the steering and driving tests and will start an integration training at Jost Group from the beginning of this week onwards - a complete success!

Moreover, more than 150 candidates came to introduce themselves during the day, for various kinds of jobs: CE driver, coachbuilder, mechanic and forklift driver.

The company would also like to take advantage of the resonance this event got in the press and among its partners, in order to hire another few dozen of new drivers. The candidates keep coming and the tests can be organized continuously on all Belgian sites of the group. Simply write an email to

Promote youth and women employment

Several players of the employment and training sector, like Le Forem, the social funds for Transport and Logistics, the Don Bosco School, the ADG, Actiris and Mirel have joined the initiative of Jost Group to facilitate the recruitment of people who at the moment do not have the necessary competences as they did not acquire them in their previous trainings.

The idea is to encourage young people who do not know the driver’s job yet, and to facilitate their entrance in training pathways to anticipate retirement dates of the drivers who are currently working, given the inverted age structure in the sector and the intensified lack of drivers that is to come the next years.

Women are also wanted at Jost Group, they are excellent candidates because of their exactness and their capacity to adapt quickly. So, we also call for those women! Jost Group has the advantage to offer nearly custom-made jobs to its drivers, given the large diversity of its customers and activities.

Jost Group has been investing time and money in the recruitment of its team for many years, to make it possible to offer qualitative local jobs. Since 2008, 921 jobs have been created under a Belgian working contract and every year the company organizes more than 30,000 hours of training sessions. After the development of the Trilogiport, this is additional proof of Jost Group’s willingness to invest in its local area. The Trilogiport will make Jost Group’s working surface grow from 150.000m² to 330.000m² in the province of Liege, the first phase of investment of 17 to 20 million euro has started already and will be ready at the end of this year.

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  • Jobs Day 9 Septembre 2017 : Jost Group hires in a creative way !
  • Jobs Day 9 Septembre 2017 : Jost Group hires in a creative way !
  • Jobs Day 9 Septembre 2017 : Jost Group hires in a creative way !
  • Jobs Day 9 Septembre 2017 : Jost Group hires in a creative way !