Accident involving a sub-contractor's driver of Jost Group

A situation far beyond the words ...

On Friday 13 July, an accident involving a driver from a subcontractor company of Jost Group took place near Tienen.

Despite the very spectacular scene of the accident involving several vehicles including a De Lijn bus, hit in series by the truck, only a few minor injuries were fortunately recorded.

What we do not understand yet is the behavior of the driver, working for the subcontractor of Jost Group for two years, without the slightest problem.

He was filmed, apparently before the accident, completely naked, on a parking lot in the region of Ruisbroek.

At the moment of impact, he left the vehicle, still completely naked and was arrested by the police

The investigation is currently underway to determine the causes of this completely abnormal behavior.

On behalf of Jost Group and all its collaborators, we would like to present our sincerest apologies to all those who have been victims in this accident or who may have crossed his way.

We regret the unhealthy voyeuristic character of the publications on the social media. We don’t have to forget that behind this news item, which certainly is very serious, lives, after all, a human being.

And, there is a difference between hateful racism and information.

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