The first 90 IVECO Stralis with LNG-technology (Liquified Natural Gas) are operational!

Environmentally-friendly, sustainable, safe and comfortable.

The first 90 IVECO Stralis NP 460s (out of 500 vehicles ordered in total) which are fitted with the latest Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) technology are making their maiden journeys across Europe as part of the Jost Group fleet.


The IVEVO Stralis NP460 is easily recognizable due to its construction and the look of the truck. The IVECO Stralis is the only truck in the LNG-run heavyweight category which offers a complete package. It is specially designed for diversified transportation, ranging from regional to international, from bulk to package distribution, from dangerous goods to transportation for the construction industry.  With a range of 1600 kilometers on one full tank, the truck offers unparalleled power and comfort, whilst the transmission technology and fuel consumption fulfill the needs of all medium to long-distance transportation.

Besides the fact that the trucks using LNG are more environmentally-friendly, these new trucks also offer excellent driving comfort and other advantages for the drivers:

  • Integrated HI-CRUISE drive system

Specifically designed to fulfill all the needs of daily transportation, this propulsion system reduces the burden on the driver during operation and enables the fleet managers to realise fuel efficiencies and savings.


- Analysis of the driving style (DSE)

The driving performance and the fuel consumption of the vehicles are monitored continuously, resulting in lower maintenance costs.


- Driver’s assistance (DAS)

The system systematically checks the driver’s level of alertness through the analysis of the steering wheel movements and protects the drivers against risks of fatigue and sleeping at the wheel.


- A cabin that meets the driver’s needs

The cabin of the IVECO Stralis offers maximum comfort and safety for the driver, especially during the long-distance drives. The truck has a quiet cabin during the drive, an ergonomic and easy-to-operate dashboard, as well as a high-end infotainment system.


Every driver is well-trained in order to optimise the usage of this new type of vehicle, a well-designed truck which not only respects the environment but also its users. Jost Group is making a very important step towards minimising its ecological footprint with the introduction of the IVECO Stralis in its fleet!

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  • The first 90 IVECO Stralis with LNG-technology (Liquified Natural Gas) are operational!
  • The first 90 IVECO Stralis with LNG-technology (Liquified Natural Gas) are operational!