Jost Group takes the necessary measures to guarantee an optimal service to its clients despite the Federal Prosecutor's persistence

Jost Group would like to thank its customers and employees for their support

Weiswampach, April 2, 2019.


Jost Group was shocked to learn of the Federal Prosecutor’s intention to seize 240 trucks operated by its subsidiaries with immediate effect. “We are dismayed by this decision. In the ruling by the Indictment Chamber on 25 March 2019, it was decided that the investigating judge will determine the conditions upon which the seizure will be carried out and there will be a meeting scheduled with the investigating judge for this purpose", explains Christophe Ravignat, Secretary General of the Jost Group. "Under these circumstances, we do not understand why the Federal Prosecutor insists that it is necessary to seize some of our trucks.”

To protect the interests of the company, its hundreds of employees, drivers and its customers, Jost Group has taken the necessary measures in order to ensure that it can continue offering an optimal level of service to its customers. Jost Group would like to thank its customers and employees for their support.

Jost Group has always vigorously contested the charges against them and will continue to do so. The Group has always cooperated with the authorities openly and sincerely hopes to be given the right to defend itself under normal, less tumultuous circumstances.


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