Presentation of our new LNG vehicles to Forem drivers

New Technologies will meet the Next Generation of Drivers !

In collaboration with the professors of FOREM Logistics in Bierset, our trainers met the next generation of Jost drivers who are currently undergoing training.  

The topic of the day was the new LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) technology and how one can optimise the use of the vehicle and its functionalities, which offer not only comfort, but also security in the line of work for its users.


Designed for an immersive driving experience, the new Stralis NP 460 is equipped with the latest technology and provides an innovative solution for intelligent transportation logistics.

-        Integrated IVECO HI-CRUISE driving system

Specifically designed to fulfill all the needs of daily tasks, it simplifies the driver’s work during operation and enables fleet managers to realise major fuel savings.

-        Driving style evaluation (DSE)

The driving performance and the fuel consumption of the vehicles are monitored continuously, resulting in lower maintenance costs.

-        Driver alert control (DAC)

The system systematically checks the driver’s level of alertness through the analysis of the steering wheel movements and protects the drivers against risks of fatigue and falling asleep at the wheel.

-        A better-suited cabin for your mission

It is designed to offer the drivers maximum comfort and safety, especially during long-distance drives. The noise level in the cabin is close to zero and there is an ergonomic and easy-to-operate dashboard, as well as a high-end infotainment system.

Watch the demo video of the new generation truck on the following link: 


The IVECO Stralis NP represents real innovation for the world of road transportation: for the first time a vehicle with alternative fuel gives the possibility to improve both sustainability and return on investment.

Power, fuel range and driving comfort couple with reductions of noise and CO2-emissions for a perfect experience of long-distance journeys.

The IVECO Stralis NP is the first truck running on gas which combines power, fuel range, driving comfort and quality of life with the international transportation standards and offering a double opportunity to eco-engage transportation professionals:

  • Reduction of noise and emissions
  • Reduction of the carbon footprint of the transportation industry by reducing CO2-emissions by 95% thanks to the use of compressed or liquid bio-methane

In conclusion: a stimulating and interesting morning for trainees and professionals of the training! 

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  • Presentation of our new LNG vehicles to Forem drivers
  • Presentation of our new LNG vehicles to Forem drivers