Message to all our customers

Dear Customers dear Partners,


Due to the Covid-19 virus epidemic, a series of drastic measures have been in place across Eurrope since Saturday, March 14. These rules will no doubt be further strengthened in the coming days. We are prepared for it.

Jost Group is actively taking measures to combat and slow the spread of the virus, protecting the vulnerable members of our society by providing, at the same time, the transportation necessary to ensure business continuity as well as to meet the needs of the population.


Thus, from this March 14 until April 3 included, Jost Group has taken the necessary preventive measures to considerably reduce the risk of transmission of the virus even though no member of the Jost Group has been infected with the Coronavirus.


A contingency plan has been put in place, as a precaution:

  • Compliance with hygiene and precautionary rules is imposed on all staff.
  • The Jost Group prevention service monitors the spread of the virus by the hour, through the websites of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Belgian health authorities and health authorities in countries where Jost Group has subsidiaries and customers, as well the transportation sector organisations. This allows us to adapt our prevention policy very quickly and in a relevant manner in line with those recommendations.
  • In anticipation of a potential shortage of drivers, we hired additional drivers. We are therefore currently sufficiently staffed to meet our customers’ needs should they arise.
  • The drivers, as well as all the warehouse and workshop staff received strict precautionary instructions concerning hygiene, respecting social distance and practical organisation on a daily basis (limited presence in the facilities and operations).
  • Access to our sites is therefore limited, regulated and closed to outsiders who are not considered essential to the activities on those sites.
  • Everyone was asked, right from the start of the epidemic, that if one of our employees were to show symptoms of the virus, to go home immediately and notify their manager, to contact their doctor and to notify us of the diagnosis. Measures are in place to have the vehicle / workstation disinfected by a specialised cleaning company.
  • Traceability exercises were carried out in order to test the procedures we have in place and, if necessary, to be able to warn all the people who could have been potentially exposed to the virus in a timely manner.
  • Priority has been given to teleworking for employees for whom physical presence on site is not absolutely necessary. For the others, the teams were organised on the work-study system in order to ensure a presence allowing the perfect functioning of the tasks while promoting the protection of each member of the team.
  • Video conferencing is preferred for contacts with our customers and partners.
  • Our employees are informed in real time of the evolution of the pandemic and the various preventive measures taken and to guarantee the timely exchange of information.

We wish to participate actively in limiting the spread of the virus and therefore focus all our efforts on prevention and absolute compliance with the rules by all our staff. 

  • Particular attention was paid to weakened or more vulnerable workers, that is to say, among others, people with cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, chronic respiratory diseases or weak immune systems, or over 65 years.
  • We have adjusted the frequency of cleaning of our facilities and the products with which the cleaning services work with, to ensure that common areas are cleaned more frequently, in addition to the usual cleaning.
  • Hydro-alcoholic gels have been ordered directly from the manufacturers and the sites are supplied regularly, to the extent of the products available.
  • Business trips which are not absolutely necessary are avoided as well as unnecessary personal trips. Staying at home as much as possible clearly prevents spread.
  • We are going to encourage maximum exchanges by e-mail, compared to postal items, in order to reduce the risk of contamination.

We are at your disposal at any time to ride through these challenging times as smoothly as possible, with you. Let us be united, respectful of ourselves and others.

Roland Jost


Jost Group Am Hock 1 L-9991 Weiswampach
T +352 2700 27 27 240  –

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  • Covid-19 - News