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Jost Group rewards its Best Driver of the Year with a very special truck!

On Friday 7 August, Cluj-based transport company Skiptrans, a member of the international transport and logistics group Jost Group, represented by its managing director Mr. Hoza Radu, handed over the keys of a limited edition 630-horsepower Mercedes-Benz Actros truck to the Best Driver of Jost Group, Mr. Cosmin Marian Corduneanu from Botosani, at the Skiptrans company headquarters in Cluj-Napoca.


The selection criteria for the Best Driver of the Year consists mainly related to fuel consumption patterns, frequency of accidents in which the drivers were involved, punctuality during the execution of tasks, control of the truck, following the route shown, management of driving time and behaviour towards our customers. Behaviour of our drivers towards our customers is important because “the driver is our ambassador to the customer", as Roland Jost, director of Jost Group said.


"The choice was not an easy one, as our group of companies has almost 2,000 drivers," said Roland Jost. "Finally, the winner of the competition comes this year from Skiptrans: Cosmin Marian Corduneanu, who has been our driver for more than three years. Cosmin is working on a truck that transports air freight between the main airports in Europe". This is the first time that this award has been given to a driver from the subsidiary Skiptrans, since its creation in 2007.


This award means Cosmin can do his job aboard this Mercedes-Benz Actros equipped with a 630-horsepower engine and very luxurious interior. "It's a reward for a driver who loves his job and is dedicated to it. He will undoubtedly be even more motivated to continue in the same way and will motivate other drivers to compete for such an award in the near future, because we will be holding this competition again and we will be offering such rewards", Roland Jost commented. “It is also our way of motivating our drivers and showing them that their efforts to be high-level professional drivers are not in vain and that they will be rewarded for their hard work, are the key to this process; these trucks are exceptional”.


The administrator of Jost Group drew attention to the importance of driver behavior in reducing fuel consumption and therefore directly related to the level of pollution. Analysis of the operational parameters of the fleet shows that the group consumes more than 10,000 liters of diesel per week just because drivers left the engines idle when the trucks were at a standstill. An awareness campaign is underway, personalized monitoring of each driver is in place and new equipment linked to solar panels is currently being tested. The aim is to reduce fuel consumption and to minimize the impact to the environment!

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