Our Trilogiport site is going to grow!

A second warehouse will eventually reach a built-up area of 60,000m2.

Jost Group is a transportation and logistics company with 60 years of experience. Being one of the leading companies in Wallonia requires, above all, an innovative and pioneering vision for the sector. In parallel with its substantial investments in its LNG project, a greener alternative to diesel, Jost Group is focusing on a promising sector in Belgian logistics and transportation.

With the acquisition of a 300,000 m2 plot of land on the site of the Trilogiport of Liège, Jost Group is keen to bring a breath of fresh air to the fervent city by building four modular warehouses on a total surface area of 180,000 m2. At present, 43,000 m2 are already in use at the Trilogiport site.

The objective and strength of this project lies in the multimodal component. The Trilogiport site gives rise to international transport and logistics. Being in the hinterland of 4 major North Sea seaports (Antwerp, Zeebrugge, Rotterdam and Dunkirk), a ship can, for example, deliver its cargo to one of these ports. This cargo, after customs clearance and verification of documents, is transported to the Trilogiport of Liège by barge.

Once the barges are unloaded on the platform of the new Liege hub, the containers are transported to our warehouse. Jost Group then unloads the cargo, carries out visual checks, sorts and repackages the cargo if necessary, before shipping the goods with its own trucks to its main partners and customers in Belgium and all across Europe.

Multimodality, through its combinations of multiple modes of transportation, enables Jost Group to continue to reduce its CO² emissions, in line with its ISO 14001 certification and the Lean & Green charter, in ultra-modern infrastructures that are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In order to maintain its operational excellence as well as a quality service based on a high degree of flexibility for tailor-made solutions, Jost Group intends to start the construction of its second warehouse, which will eventually reach a built-up area of 60,000 m². This additional space will complement the first warehouse located at Europe's largest river port by 2021.

This will ensure efficient transportation and logistics for the 56 million inhabitants living within a 250 km radius of the Trilogiport of Liège.

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  • Our Trilogiport site is going to grow!