Press release on household waste

Jost Group answers: Household waste case (continued), the facts.

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When the media purely and simply relay previously published and unverified articles, it becomes necessary for Jost Group to provide an enlightened reading of the situation.

In October 2019, Jost Group was at odds with a client, Mondial Services, regarding the transport of construction waste. After responding to this customer's request, Jost Group's drivers realized that it was not construction waste but household waste. A press release was therefore issued to clarify the facts (

RTL 5 minutes brought the matter back to life in February 2020 with new information (

In this new opus, two pieces of information against Jost Group turn out to be erroneous. A member of the citizen collective "J'aime ma forêt" indicates that he saw a Jost Group truck on 20 December 2019 in Hayange. This is unlikely for two reasons: firstly, Jost Group did not unload any goods in Hayange for the contractor Mondial Services at the time. Secondly, Jost Group has not carried out any further transport for Mondial Services since 4 November 2019, when Jost Group collaborated with law enforcement agencies to apprehend the suspects (see press release). It is true that, according to the police, several transport companies were involved and victims in this case, as shown in the photo in the article.  It is therefore possible that the truck is part of another company than the Jost Group.

Then, on 24 February 2020, Jost Group was contacted by a journalist from Politico who wanted to write an article on this subject and answered all her questions to clarify the situation (

The erroneous articles were relayed first by Het Laatste Nieuws, based on the RTL 5 minutes and Politico articles, followed by Le Soir.

For Jost Group, these references are inaccurate because the company has at no time been aware of the fraudulent intentions of Mondial Services against whom Jost Group has brought civil proceedings in Belgium and against its two managers, in person.  An investigation is under way at the Thionville police station and it is likely that the file is communicated to the public prosecutor's office.

The logistics of waste transport is becoming more complex and it is important for Jost Group to comply with the regulatory framework and to protect the environment against the damaging effects of illegal landfills. Jost Group deplores these actions and once again apologizes to the people affected by this case, but for Jost Group the responsibility lies entirely with the polluter, Mondial Services.

Our desire is to be transparent with all stakeholders, including the press, but it is impossible to avoid a rigorous analysis of the facts and it goes without saying that we deplore all prejudicial references against Jost Group concerning these situations.  We therefore request a right of reply as soon as possible.

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  • Press release on household waste