De eerste trein uit China is aangekomen in de Trilogiport van Luik!

Yesterday, after a journey of almost 12,000 kilometers, the first train from China arrived at the Trilogi

600 meters long, the convoy linking Yiwu (China) to Liege (Belgium) embodies the very essence of the Trilogiport's trimodal section and Liege logistics!

The containers transported to Belgium contain mainly e-commerce, textiles and hi-fi and will be transported to Benelux, France, the United Kingdom and even Germany. 

A happy event to point out the advantages and interests of multimodal transport. By favoring this means of transport, CO2 emissions are reduced compared to air transport. In addition, it ensures an increase in payload and greater flexibility with departures at precise times.

What is Jost Group's position with regard to this new connection?

Jost Group has been located at the Trilogiport of Liège since 2018 and has opened its first 44,000 m2 warehouse there. Three others will be built in the future, the second of which, planned for 2021, will begin construction. In total, Jost Group's warehouses will occupy 180,000 m2, on a plot of land almost twice as large (300,000 m2). 

This second warehouse will be the ideal site for imports/exports from China, specific preparations and packaging of goods with specialization in distribution, food and industrial.

The technical and technological offer of these two warehouses allows Jost Group to respond perfectly to the demands of its customers through the integration of tailor-made IT solutions and services, ultra-modern equipment, perfect traceability, floor or rack storage.

Of course, the arrival of this train from China involves customs controls.

That is why Jost Group also carries out the verification and complete management of transport documents (customs, letter of credit, etc.), the management of loading/delivery appointments and reporting.

Jost Group - life in multi-motion 

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  • De eerste trein uit China is aangekomen in de Trilogiport van Luik!