Transport & Logistics - Wood & Paper Industry

Wood industry and first transformation of wood, forest-based industries including the woodworking industries, pulp and paper industries, printing industries.

Transport & Logistics Services in the wood & paper industry

They use, and we transport, as their main raw materials wood, paper or recovered paper and wood. Forestry activity, sawing logs, sawdust, shavings, bark, chips, granules, pellets, briquets, wood recycling and biomass are products that we transport each day.

Paper pulp, cellulose, cardboard, honeycomb, press, newspapers, magazines and publications, packaging, labeling, kraft, paper for hygiene, health, medicine, paper for Industries, building and construction, paper, graphic arts and decoration.

Experienced in wood transportation

Wood transportation is historically one of our eldest sector of activity. Our sawing mills based in Belgium, France and Germany are producing green electricity, energy of the future. From one to another, more than 50 years of experience, professionalism and technology !

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